Mar 19, 2013

Joomla Web Services -The Best Bet for Online Business

Using Joomla for web designing is the best option one can have for online business. Known as the preferred choice for small business websites, Joomla is not just affordable, but it gives good return of every penny spent. The cost, time, scalability, control and quality are few of the most crucial factors for any business especially small-scaled companies. Joomla web services help cover all these points.

Benefits of Joomla Web Development

Many web developers prefer Joomla to other types of editors like Frontpage or Dreamweaver or software package the like due to many reasons. Joomla is a preferred content management system that ensures that webpages are easy to maintain and updated; for instance adding, editing or removing the pages. This is the main advantage of Joomla web services over particular type of programming like HTML for building websites.

Another benefit of having this is it is an open source. This means the tool of Joomla website builder does not require the owner to pay fees for license. Other commercial product such as Microsoft will cost the owner arm and leg for this matter. In addition, Joomla, being an open source platform, has strong support from the communities. Having this said any problem, bug or issue in Joomla web services can be solved very quickly with the help of a large community.

24X7 Support and Flexibility for Joomla Website Designers

Approximately 10 million sites on the Internet use Joomla web services and this number tells the tale. As said above, it has enormous support from the Joomla experts worldwide;’s forum has more than 200000 members providing support with all dedication. It will never be difficult for Joomla website designers, and developers to find a solution for any issue during development.

Though eCommerce platforms like Magento is quite popular, Joomla web development can provide flexibility in making online shops and stores as well. From a brochure page to full-fledged shopping cart –Joomla can get us anything. With Joomla website builder comes more than 3500 plug-ins and add-ons that provide great flexibility to develop the website with complexity. Using this stuff, integration of shopping cart, image gallery, forum, blog, project management tool or even video plug-in is possible on Joomla based websites.

Along with above-mentioned pros, Joomla is better secured and steady. The experts in web development also state that Joomla has shortest developmental cycle that justifies better with the price paid for it.

All in all, if you have set your mind for better business online, opt for Joomla web services that will never let you down.