Jan 19, 2013

Advanced Website Development Using MVC Framework

PHP based Model View controller (MVC) framework has taken website development to another level. These frameworks are one step ahead of the traditional coding system. One basic aspect of this framework is that it supports almost all type of databases. This framework is highly flexible. It has brought revolution in the development of the php website and enhanced the co-ordination between developers and designers.
It offers convenient shortcuts to improve efficiency, functionality and speed. It has established itself as a distinguished discipline of web development. It cut shorts the work of its developers as they don’t have to change the codes again and again.

We have experts designing the websites according to your needs. They ensure better control and reliability on the website. On the basis of the specifications provided from your side, we build websites those are easy to manage.

Why go for PHP based MVC framework?

1. Due to optimized coding, it runs faster. Since, these are following MVC; there is no need to get into hundreds and thousands of complex coding lines.
2. As compared to normal coding these frameworks do not follow extensive complex coding architecture. It also has an inbuilt core library which makes it lightweight in terms of coding.
3. These frameworks have a lot of scope for innovation. It possesses much creative functionality to give advantage in your coding. There are features assisting you in handling database connections, emails, date formats etc.
4. One of the most important advantages of this framework is that it is recyclable. You can modify the code of any module for different ventures.
5. These frameworks run on a number of worldwide servers, this ensures its reliability and security.
6. The coding is easily extendible which allows you to extend PHP coding to get the desired functions that you like to include in your website development.
7. Debugging is another concern which is easily taken care in this. It has its own debugging methods which spots the errors during development.

Our services for MVC framework based on php

Different frameworks are being used for website development because of its advantages. We are a leading solution provider for advanced website development using a number of frameworks. It includes Zend, Codeignitor, PHP Smarty, Dolphin, Joomla and CakePHP. These frameworks are supporting all major databases, especially MySQL and are written in PHP scripting language.

Our PHP developers can employ recent techniques and provide cost effective solutions as per your needs. When you talk about web development we can offer;

• Quality websites in terms of efficiency, security, speed and reliability
• Better management of different technologies
• Highly innovative and interactive website development
• Better platform when it comes to building bigger applications

Unnecessarily do not indulge yourself in developing tools that already exists. We have the type of framework you are looking for developing websites. We can offer what suits your needs.