Nov 7, 2012

5 Reasons You Should Go for Custom WordPress Development

custom website design & developmentWhen it comes to open-source CMS development, there are numerous platforms that you can choose from. But WordPress is easily one of the best. It is an open source platform which is written in MySQL and PHP. For building feature rich websites that can be managed with ease, WordPress is an excellent option. WordPress has been a big hit among developers since it was launched in 2003. Today, there are thousands of websites and blogs that are built using WordPress.

Let’s take a look at some fantastic features that make custom WordPress development a good idea for businessmen and companies who want to build a new website.

1. Web 2.0 Standards Compliance
The latest version of WP offers Web 2.0 functionality. This means that the people who visit your website for your blog can post comments, register on your websites, and even start new conversations or threads. On top of it, using WP has several add-on modules that can turn the site into a social platform where visitors can make friends and create groups. Needless to say, other popular features and facilities like RSS can also be activated on a WordPress site.

2. Flexible Structure
WordPress development is simpler as it allows developers to build as many pages as they want, and it also helps arrange them according to specific hierarchy. Also, WP comes with an in-built support for a number of languages and domains. These factors make the task of developing a powerful CMS simpler. But it doesn’t stop at this: if the user wants a particular functionality that WordPress doesn’t have, he can simply build and add custom modules to the existing structure.

3. Fantastic Graphic Support
There are hundreds of WordPress themes that you can download and customize for free. Also, there are several paid WP themes for users who want to stand part from the crowd. Custom WordPress development and design is a lot simpler and easier because of these facts. Also, a WP template designer can easily create customized themes for you website.

4. User Role Definition
This is one special WordPress feature that makes it better than most other open source web development tools in the market. WP allows the user to define user roles with ease. This means that the developer doesn’t have to spend days writing complicated code for different types of users. At present, WordPress offers three kinds of user role definition: 1) users who can write content but cannot publish, 2) users who can draft as well as publish their own content and, 3) users who can draft and publish anyone’s content. On top of it, there are several community add-ons that allow you to define more complex user roles.

5. Large and Supportive Community
Thousands of developers use WordPress and contribute to it. This means that you can always find the right developer for your custom WordPress development project. Also, it is easy to find plug-ins and themes of your choice from the wide community of developers. The thriving community is great news for people using WordPress: it means that WordPress will not go stale any time soon.